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Cell Tower Bent Over and Collapsed

Tower Inspection Services

Texas Cellnet has been involved with the construction and dismantling cell towers since 2003. We understand safety is the top priority when it comes to a tower that may be in question. Storms, other natural disasters and man made problems can make a cell tower unsafe and in need of a repair or rebuild.

Cell Tower Damage

It’s rare as far as we know, but cell towers have caught on fire and then need to be completely demolished and rebuilt from scratch. I’m not even sure how a cell tower can burst into flames, but it appears to have happened before.

Cell communications tower on fire

Crazy right? Obviously, if a cell communications tower were to catch fire, the entire structure would be unsafe to climb after that. TCI would definitely recommend bringing the damaged tower down and building a new cell tower.  Besides fire, some other things that may cause a cell tower to need a tower inspection may be a tornado or hurricane winds, incompetence on the tower construction company, or other disasters both man made and mother nature.