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5 Reasons Why Your Home or Business Needs Video Surveillance

Choosing the best video surveillance options for your needs

Are you interested in setting up IP cameras you can access remotely or video surveillance that records onto a NVR? There are 5 reasons why your home needs video surveillance asap! Which ever plan of action you wish to take, I hope to provide some basic information on setting up video surveillance for any location which may require more security.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need HD Video Surveillance At Home

  • 1. home camerasThe first reason why you may need a HD video surveillance option is to help deter against theft and burglaries. In the event the system doesn’t deter, then you’ll have the culprit or culprits caught on HD video which will make catching the thieves much easier.
  • 2. Analog camera systems are outdated and on their way out. Who wants a low quality video when we now have high definition options that are very affordable.
  • 3. Easy setup and installation. These systems do not require a rocket scientists perform the installation. With a small amount of knowledge and the correct tools, installing a HD video surveillance system at your home or business is a smooth process.
  • 4. Login from anywhere in the world and check on your property. With the HD IP cameras, you can easily check on your property instantly from any location as long as you have internet access.
  • 5. Ability to setup cameras to start recording based on motion. If these cameras detect any motion, they will automatically begin recording and can be configured to send an email alert to the owner.

In the tower and communications industry, we utilize camera’s on our towers and in our shacks. The camera’s we installed on our towers give us a birds eye view of everything around us. The camera can be zoomed in to the point you can just about read a license plate across the street. Gotta love technology!

To browse the many different flavors of video surveillance you can check out Double Radius which sells the same type of video surveillance cameras we are using in our network. If you require planning and installation of your new video surveillance system, please use the contact option and give us a call or shoot us an email.

Estimates are always FREE! If you’d like to call the office here in East Texas, you can reach us at 903-963-5151. If you’d prefer to send us an email, you can do so by clicking this.

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