Monday, 29 June 2015

High-Speed Internet

High-Speed Internet
How does it work?

   Texas Cellnet uses a state-of-the-art 2.4GHz wireless radio on a grid antenna where a cable runs into the house and can be plugged into a desktop computer,laptop, or local network.

   It works by transmitting signals to and from nearby wireless tower antennas, instead of using a traditional phone line. That means you have the flexibility to live in the rural areas and still receive high-speed down and uploads for your home or office. 

  In the past rural areas only had the option of being on dial-up internet or being on a satellite service. Dial-up is a technology that is slow and un-reliable. It may take minutes to download a picture or hours to download a file. Satellite is another option for high-speed but it has it's downsides as well. Satellite is weather pending, meaning if there is a storm you will not have service since you are getting your signal from a satellite somewhere in space. Downloads are faster but the time it takes the information to transfer takes a long time, since the data has to be sent all the way into space. The cost for satellite is high and unreasonable. 

    Texas Cellnet changes this. We offer high-speed internet service at a price that is affordable and reasonable. We have many different packages that will fit your needs and you can upgrade or downgrade your package at anytime by just placing a  phone call to our office.

    All you need to do to get started is to look at our availability map to see if you are covered by one of our towers and then just fill out our survey form . Once you do this we will survey your site, at no cost, and inform you if you are able to recieve our fast internet service. It's that simple. There's no contracts and no commitment. Just blazing fast internet service.  

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Did You Know?
Even where you thought you could never receive high-speed internet Texas Cellnet can get you online in no time. We use a state of the art network that allows you to receive high-speed internet wirelessly. It is simple as a call and we can get you on the road to blazing-fast internet.

" I am very pleased with the service. It has made a huge difference in my life. Thanks!"

Suzie M.